“It’s changed how I see our little country” Baz Ashmawy on the end of DIY SOS

Baz Ashmaway has penned an emotional social media post to the show that has ‘changed’ the way he sees Ireland, he’s of course, talking about hit TV show DIY SOS: The Big Build.

The show, for those unfamiliar follows the premise of Baz and co, comprised of volunteers from far and wide, as they renovate and make over the homes of the extremely deserving Irish public in just nine days. The show has proved to be a huge hit with viewers all over the country, with many stories leaving a lasting emotional impact.

Sadly, as all good things must come to an end, the serie’s final episode aired last Sunday. Marking the ending of the series, show star Baz Ashmaway took to his Instagram to share the imact taking part in the series had on him.


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Beginning with a thank you to all the families, volunteers, production teams, and companies who got involved with each project.

“Before I hang up my hard hat I just want to say something. Firstly to all the families. I just feckn love you guys. We all do on @diysosireland you deserve all the good fortune you hearts can carry, God knows you deserve it.”

“Most of all I want to get down on my knees and thank every single volunteer that came forward. There’s been hundreds upon hundreds of you. I’ve just never seen anything like it.”

Baz then goes on to speak about how the show has restored both his faith in humanity and his love for the Irish people.

“To do the right thing when it would have been so easy just not to feckn bother. I swear, it’s changed how I see our little country. It really has,” he said.

“The empathy you had to come forward and make the difference. And the pride you all took in your work. Listen, You changed those families lives for ever. I don’t just mean in what you built or created but in the kindness you showed them.”

Bringing his post to an end, Baz added: “It’s been such a privelage for me to be around women and men like you. I’m just so proud to be Irish.”

As to whether there will be another season of the show, that is yet to be confirmed. But, judging from the comment’s section on Baz’s post, fans are certainly holding out for good news.

“Really hope this gets recommissioned. It was joyful to watch. All the men and women involved are to be commended. Just what we needed to see after such a shit year. Well done to you all,” wrote one.

“What a fantastic show, Well done Baz and all involved in making such a powerful programme, one that will last with us all for a very long time. Baz, you were a terrific host, I’m looking forward to the second series,” said another.



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