Is Fair City next to be axed in RTÉ cost-cutting drive?

The national broadcaster is undergoing a number of drastic changes due to a "challenging financial environment".

Viewers won't be happy if it goes!
Viewers won’t be happy!

RTÉ is currently undergoing major changes as part of a cost-cutting drive, and fears are growing that one of the nation’s favourite soaps, Fair City might be moved out of RTÉ – as the national broadcaster looks at all money-saving possibilities.

The public service broadcaster shocked the nation earlier this week when it confirmed that it’s going to stop making it’s own young people’s tv programmes, and instead outsource the content.

This big change has lead to fears over how the nation’s longest running soap will fare while the station is implementing cost-cutting measures.

The soap recently celebrated it's 4000th episode! PIC: VIP Ireland
The soap recently celebrated it’s 4000th episode! PIC: VIP Ireland

Although outsourcing Fair City has been considered over the past number of years, the station’s recent bold move with the young people’s department has caused growing concern over what will happen next.

“That option has always been on the cards and two or three years ago they did try and cost it off site,” a source told the Irish Independent. “There was a rumour about the young people’s department in recent months which has now come true. So people are concerned about what will happen next.”

One of the show’s longest serving cast members Jim Bartley, who plays Bela Doyle, doesn’t believe outsourcing the show is necessary.

“Whatever they intend to do I have no information on, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Jim told the Irish Independent. “I think the way it is produced and directed, RTÉ have done a great job.”



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