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Irish stars step out for the launch of Dr Clodagh Campbell’s Podcast Unspoken

Laura Carr, Dr Clodagh Campbell and Michele McGrath pictured at the launch of Dr Clodagh Campbell – The Wellness Psychologist’s Podcast ‘Unspoken’ at the White Room at the Picture House,Dublin.

Dr Clodagh Campbell – The Wellness Psychologist celebrated the launch of her brand new Podcast ‘ Unspoken’ ‘ at the White Room at the Picture House, Dublin.

Where guests enjoyed a beautiful morning of mindfulness, meditation and a sound bath with healer Laura Carr. Rising early on the morning were The Apprentice Star Grainne McCoy, Anna Daly, Suzanne Kane, Erin McGregor, Michelle McGrath as well as Courtney Smith, Emily McKeogh and Kerri Nicole Blanc.

Anna Daly
Erin McGregor
Kerri Nicole Blanc
Courtney Smith
Denise Smith and Dominique Nugent

Michelle Hone

Caoimhe Cummins
Grainne McCoy
Kellie Billiings
Denise Phillips
Suzanne Kane
Michelle McGrath
Laura Carr
Dr Clodagh Campbell – The Wellness Psychologist

Her brand new Podcast ‘ Unspoken’ highlights the life topics that are rarely discussed.

Episodes will mirror the therapy process, cultivating a listening experience, where those tuning in will feel like they have a fly on the wall vantage of those unspoken often taboo topics that are actually far more common than we might care to realise.

In ‘Unspoken’ Dr Clodagh Campbell shares her expert advice on how people listening who might be experiencing similar traumas can lower their distress and feel less alone.

Dr. Clodagh wants to break the shame and taboo that is holding people back from truly living a fulfilling life & finding inner peace.

Unspoken the Podcast is now available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music & Spotify.

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