Irish stars linked to sex tape scandal

If it leaks, the recording could cause "untold distress"

If the footage leaks, it could ruin their reputations
If the footage leaks, it could ruin their reputations (Stock image)

Two top Irish stars have been linked to a sex tape scandal, and the footage is apparently being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The Irish Mirror have revealed that a “well-known Irish male star” and “a famous female celebrity, who has been making headlines in recent months,” were both caught on camera.

The male star has a partner, however it wasn’t her who was featured on recording. The female who is seen in the video, reportedly has “a very respectable image” so if this leaks, could cause “untold distress.”

The incident apparently happened in the back of a limo, shortly after they met in a nightclub.

Two people have been in touch with a well-known website, trying sell the footage, however apparently they aren’t keen to make a purchase, leading the sellers to look elsewhere and try flog to the highest bidder.


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