“I feel like I’ve someone else’s hand” – Bono says he may not be able to play guitar again

The U2 legend is still suffering from his November accident

Bono says he feels like he has someone else’s hand after the accident

Five months on since his bike accident, Bono is still struggling to recover from his injuries.

The U2 frontman has admitted that he is still unable to play the guitar following the cycling accident in New York City’s Central Park in November, which required intensive therapy.

At the time, his injuries included fractures to his shoulder blade and arm, and trauma to his face which required serious reconstructive surgery.

Despite his hospitalisation and treatment, Bono revealed that he still isn’t capable of playing the guitar nearly half a year on from the accident, and fears he may never be able to again.

“It feels like I have somebody else’s hand. I can’t bend these, and this,” Bono said, pointing to a part of his hand. He admitted that his movement may never fully come back to him.

“They say that nerves heal about a millimetre a week, so in about 13 months I should know if it’s coming back… It’s all numb here [on my forearm], and this is titanium,” Bono said.

The Irish star revealed that his accident has changed his outlook on his own personal strength and made him question his vulnerability.

U2 on the red carpet
The rockstar says his U2 bandmembers don’t mind that he can’t play guitar


“I really used to think that my head was harder than any surface it came in contact with, and I don’t anymore. I didn’t come off a Harley-Davidson. I came off a push bike and smashed myself to bits. There is no glory here,” he told The New York Times.

Despite his injuries, Bono will join his band mates when they go on their global tour later this month. U2’s Innocence and Experience nearly sold out tour will begin in Canada on May 14th.

It will continue up until November where the Beautiful Day masterminds will wrap things up in Paris.

When asked about how he would manage without the use of his guitar, Bono jested that his bandmates didn’t seem to care.

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