How you can support ‘A Day In My Wheels’ this year for Spinal Injuries Ireland

A Day in My Wheels Challenge is a an important day in the calendar for Spinal Injuries Ireland, as it’s one of their biggest fundraisers.

In oder to raise funds as well as awareness for the charity many people up and down the country will be spending the day in a wheelchair and learning just a little bit about what daily life is like for those who have to use one daily.

Renowned PR and businesswoman, Valerie Roe has signed up to take part in the challenge which will take place on the 30th of September.

Over 2,200+ people around Ireland suffer with a spinal cord injury and the aim of the challenge is both to raise much-needed funds for Spinal Injuries Ireland so that the charity can continue to support people with spinal cord injuries as well as their families, plus awareness of the constant challenges people with an SCI in Ireland face on a day to-day basis.

For 24 hours Valerie will be taking part in ordinary, everyday tasks but without the use of her legs and spend the day in a wheelchair.

Speaking about taking part Valerie said; “The vast majority of us are fortunate to not face day to day challenges with a disability, be it navigating around the city, getting on a bus, cross at a light, use public toilets, or simply get to school or work or into a shop while coping with limited physical abilities.”

Continuing she said; “So many of us, myself included, take for granted the ease with which we can get around safely, get dressed, and get access to all the many everyday essentials that life necessitates. As an able bodied individual, I don’t have an insight into the countless challenges someone in a wheelchair might face on any given day.”

“For just one day, I’ll experience a small handful of the accessibility issues faced by someone in a wheelchair, and hopefully take away some really valuable lessons and gain a whole new perspective,” she added.

If you want to support Valerie and Spinal Injuries Ireland follow the link to donate.

To find out more about how you can support Spinal Injuries Ireland, visit


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