How to become a sustainable pioneer in Ireland

‘Sustainability’ has become a bit of a buzzword over the past few years.

But a buzzword doesn’t mean anything unless there’s action, and having visited the Polestar Space in Sandyford it is clear to see that the brand does just that.

Swedish EV brand Polestar is known for its stylish electric vehicles, but the brand also has sustainability at the forefront of its ethos.

Its latest car – the impressively designed Polestar 3 – is a spacious 5-seater with premium and sustainable material innovation.

From the brand’s responsibly sourced leather interior to its minimalist features made from recycled materials, this electric vehicle has got sustainability at heart, and is the perfect change to make on your journey to becoming a sustainability pioneer.

So, you want to become your best eco-conscious self – where do you start?

Being aware of your carbon emissions is a solid spot to begin.

Polestar prides itself on its transparency when it comes to carbon footprint through its LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) reports which provide customers with transparency on all the raw materials that go into a Polestar.

Polestar’s EVs may be beautifully designed, boast an easy-to-use voice-activated infotainment system, and even have a glass roof, but it is leading the way towards a more sustainable future.

The car’s interior uses natural fibre composites which has 50% less virgin plastic than the conventional alternative.

Responsibly sourced leather and recycled textiles achieve a more sustainable sourcing process through Blockchain technologies providing transparency.


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What’s more is that the Google-enabled infotainment will automatically suggest charging stations if needed when a route is entered.

All you need to say is “Hey Google, take me to X” – the rest is done for you, while you keep your eyes on the road. How easy is that?

Polestar live and breathe Design, Sustainability and Innovation throughout every step of designing its cars without compromising on luxury.

Why? Because buzzwords don’t make a positive impact, actions do. 

Make sure you visit Polestar’s beautiful Sandyford showroom where you can see the Polestar 3 yourself, and book a test drive for Polestar 2. 

You can find out more here, or contact – 01 4893777.

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