How to achieve perfect curls at-home, every time

Who among us doesn’t love a curl?

There are few better feelings than strutting down the street, luscious locks framing your face, confident that your curls look perfect – and are going to stay that way for the day.

What’s even better is when you get to create those looks at-home, with minimal fuss.

Achieving the perfect at-home curls can be sometimes difficult for the unseasoned stylers among us, but with the right tips – and the right tools – you’ll be creating salon-worthy curls from the comfort of your own home, every time.

One of our favourite tools here at VIP has got to be the incredible Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler.

Create gorgeous, bouncy curls at home at a lower temperature, with no extreme heat while you’re at it. It’s a win-win!

What’s more is that the Airwrap™ comes with six attachments to achieve your perfect hairstyle, meaning you can create a curly blowout, smooth c-curls, mermaid or short curls – whatever style you’re feeling, whenever you want.

Here’s some tips on how to create the perfect curls at-home, every time.

1. Prep your hair

Before you start curling, you need to make sure that you prepare your hair.

Ensure that your hair is damp or dry before you begin the curling process.

If you generally struggle with getting your curls to last throughout the day, make sure that you’ve blow-dried your locks thoroughly before beginning styling.

2. Choose your style

You know you want curls, but do you know what kind of curls?

Big? Small? Smooth? Short? Knowing exactly what look you’re going for will help to achieve that perfect look once you begin styling.

Rather than going in blind, find an image or a video of the exact style that you want to achieve and use that as your inspiration – once you have an idea of exactly what you want in front of you, it’ll be so much easier to achieve that perfect look.

The Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-styler allows you to create a variety of different curls, from a classic curly blowout, to smooth c-curls, to mermaid or even short curls.

It’s never been easier to create beautiful looks without the extreme heat, so make sure that you’re using the correct attachment for the look that you want to achieve.

3. Section, section, section

Use sectioning clips to separate your hair – this will make it easier to style, but can also create slight differences in how your curls will sit.

If you curl a horizontal section of hair, your finished style is more likely to be big and bold, but if you curl from a vertical section of hair, the look will have more of a beach-y, wavy finish.

4. Start styling

Use your Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-styler to create the perfect curls in your hair. Using your choice of barrel, take a small section of hair and hold it about 10cm from the end.

Introduce the end of the hair to the barrel and gently pull the styler towards your head. Hold for 12-15 seconds and release to create the curl. Repeat across all sections of your hair until you have the look you desire.

Avoid pulling your curls down, but do scrunch them up towards your scalp for a few seconds after removing the tool – this is called ‘plopping.’

This will give the curls more time to settle into a bouncy shape, and help provide more definition.

5. Hold that hair!

Once you’ve achieved your curls, you want to make sure that they hold.

Use your favourite hair spray to keep your style in place – start by spraying underneath the curls and make your way to the top of your head, ensuring that each section is covered.

A texturising spray can also add extra volume and weight to your hair, giving it that gorgeous bounce that emphasises curls so well.

Wait until your hair is completely cool before brushing it out. Top up with a few extra curls throughout if needed – et voila, you’re done!

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