How three lads are going on the adventure of a lifetime to raise money for Irish charities

This sounds like the best craic!

It's set to be a very exciting time for the lads
It’s set to be a very exciting time for the lads

It’s not every day you get the chance to take part in the adventure of a lifetime while raising money for charity, but three Irish lads – Kieran, Steven and Mike – are planning on doing just that.

This Tuesday, the Aristokhans, as they like to be known, are setting off on the Mongol Rally, which will see them drive from Dublin to Mongolia, with no support, in a ’96 Ford Fiesta, all in aid of the Irish Cancer Society, and Movember.

The trio will leave Ireland on July 12th before meeting up with 350 likeminded ralliers in Hyde Park, London. From there, they’ll all disembark on different routes, which will take them to Mongolia, through 17 countries, four deserts and six time zones.

Why did they decide to take part in such a task, we hear you ask? Well Kieran told VIP Magazine, “After hearing past tales from a veteran rallier – we were full of envy and immediately lusting an adventure. Not realising what we were about to get ourselves in for, we signed up for the Mongol rally on raw adrenaline.

The three pals
The three pals

“Soon after, we discovered it was a whole lot more ambitious than we thought – offering amazing and unique opportunities to see the world, meet new people and to be introduced to amazing cultures, where we will also find ourselves relying on a basic level of communication and the kindness of people around the world to help and guide our pitiful vehicle across the globe!

“Last year had four flipped cars, three cars on fire and eight people ended up in hospital, so we’re not fully sure what to expect on our travels as anything can happen.

It'll be one big adventure
It’ll be one big adventure

“Despite that, we are keen to get on the road where the fun out-weighs our worries. The most exciting part of this journey is leaving the luxurious and smooth asphalt roads of Europe and hitting the lesser travelled routes through the Middle East and Asia to the non existent roads of Kazachstan and Mongolia where maps are useless, where Google maps won’t work and a compass is our only reliable friend!”

Well we here in VIP Towers wish the boys the very best of luck with that, and donations to the cause can be made here.


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