How everyone can help raise funds for Gaza

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Since the beginning of the conflict in Gaza on October 7th, it is reported over 35,000 Palestinians have been killed. The horrific suffering of those who have been affected by the war is heartbreaking and impossible to ignore.

Images and videos are constantly posted and reposted on social media platforms by celebrities, influencers and, charity organisations to spread awareness and raise vital funds for those in need.

Being subject to so much information and donation links it can be easy to become overwhelmed and wonder if what you are donating is making it to this war-torn nation.

We have compiled a list of charities that are working to relieve the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza and places you can stay up to date and get factual news on the conflict.

Charities and organisations

The Palestinian Children Relief Fund (PCRF)

You may have seen celebrities like Nicola Coughlan raising awareness for this charity in recent weeks. The PCRF provides thousands of injured and ill children in the Middle East with free medical care. PCRF is a volunteer-based non-profit organisation that is supported by volunteers worldwide. Examples of the projects currently underway by PCRF volunteers are infant milk distributions, food and clean water distribution and, mental health support to those displaced by the violence in Gaza.

Links to donate to PCRF projects: Donations

Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS)


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The PRCS is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. The mission of the Red Crescent in Gaza is to save lives and reduce the suffering of those affected by conflict. Volunteers are on the ground providing tents, hygiene kits, food packages and, first aid to Palestinians who have been displaced.

Links to donate to PRCS: PRCS donations

World Central Kitchen (WCK)


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Chef José Andrés set up WCK following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Since its evolution, the charity has worked to provide people affected by conflict and natural disasters with wholesome nutritious meals. WCF has set up three field kitchens including one in Rafah and has supplied over 46 million meals to the people of Gaza.

Links to WCK donation page: WCK donations

3 people keeping us up to date on the conflict in Gaza

With so much information floating around on social media these days it can sometimes be difficult to find news and stories which are factual. Here are just three people who are keeping social media users in the loop on the conflict.

News By Hil

Newsbyhil is an Irish journalist based in America. She uses her platform on Instagram to break down news stories that can often seem pretty complex, to make them more digestible for her audience. The journalist has posted a lot about the Israel/Palestine conflict and even has a highlight titled Learning explaining the ongoing events and history of the conflict.

Motaz Azaiza


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Motaz Azaiza a Palestinian Photographer has been posting relentlessly about the war since the beginning. Azaiza garnered the attention of millions with his heartbreaking images of the suffering in Gaza. The photojournalist has since left the Gaza Strip but is still campaigning and raising awareness for the people of Gaza.

Bisan Owda


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Bisan Owda is a filmmaker, who has been documenting the terrifying events of war. She tells firsthand accounts of the events happening on the ground in Gaza. Despite being affected by the events of the war herself she is still telling the story of thousands of Palestinians on her social media.

Words by Olivia O’Dwyer


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