Holly Carpenter has had enough of ‘creeps’ sending x-rated pics on social media

She says it needs to stop immediately!

Holly's not impressed with the people who send graphic pics
Holly’s not impressed with the people who send graphic pics

Holly Carpenter has had her fair share of social media woes when it comes to dating and pretty much men in general, but she’s now had enough and wants to put an end to it.

She was catfished over the summer on Tinder when two fake accounts of the model appeared on the dating app, but that appears to be the least of her worries now as she’s trying to tackle a different problem – men sending x-rated photos.

Holly doesn’t understand why men do it, and feels like they need to stop sending these pictures to women they don’t know.

Holly says it's about time it all stopped
She believes it’s about time it all stopped

“‘Yeah I’ve never met him but he just sent me a dick pic and now I really fancy him’, said no woman ever. Creeps on Snapchat need to stop,” she said Twitter.

Midday presenter Elaine Crowley is also no stranger to these pictures. The TV3 star was sent a x-rated photo from a follower on social media recently, captioned ‘All Yours’ and was absolutely appalled by the incident.

“What planet are some people on? I blocked him the minute I saw it,” she told the Irish Sun. “It’s a bit unusual to get a random picture of someone’s you-now what out of the blue on a public forum.”

Elaine is a target for online weirdos!
Elaine is a target for online weirdos!

She continued, “I don’t know what the reasoning is behind it. He’s clearly not a well person if that’s how he gets his jollies.”

Elaine also receives physical copies of these graphic pics, much to her disgust.

“Even before the age of digital media, i was getting letters and photographs and I still do. There are those people who are having a few drinks on a Saturday night and decide to send you a picture of their junk! My fans seem to be young and saucy,” she told VIP.

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