Here’s how to choose the perfect winter coat

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During the winter months, a coat is an absolute fashion staple! Walking to work? You’ll need a coat. Going out for a meal? You’ll need a coat. Living in Ireland? You will most definitely need a coat. There is no escaping it!

Whether it’s for warmth, to keep off the rain, or to simply draw together an outfit, a winter coat is a wardrobe necessity. Choosing a coat that matches your vibe whilst being versatile and durable can oftentimes prove to be impossible and it’s important to know that the one you choose will set your fashion mantra for the season… You mustn’t get it wrong!

That frosty season is right around the corner, and the nagging urge to make that big wardrobe purchase is creeping up behind us.

So, to make things a little easier, and to make choosing your winter cloak a lot more enjoyable, we have rounded up all the tips and tricks.

Here is the VIP guide on how to choose the perfect winter coat.

Coat Categories

The first thing you need to know is the three categories of coats. Of course, there are millions of styles and materials to choose but usually, a coat will fall into one of three types: wool, puffer and transitional pieces.




Length of the Coat

Choose a length that you are comfortable with.

If you have trouble figuring that out then we would recommend that if you are tall, to opt for a longer coat and if you are smaller in height, then a short-length jacket will give the illusion of longer legs, if that’s what you’re aiming for!

Choosing a Colour

A coat is a statement piece. Something that you will have forever if chosen correctly. You want a coat that will compliment your wardrobe’s colour pallet, to ensure it matches with everything. It is best to keep things simple with just one colour and colour will depend on your colour scheme.

If you are someone who enjoys wearing an array of shades, from yellow to pink, then a neutral colour is best, perhaps black, white, or cream.

If you tend to wear mostly neutral colours, then you have a little more sway and can opt for a pop of colour such as baby blue or pink, or a pattern!

Your Intention

Now you must discover what you want to achieve when wearing a coat. If it is purely for warmth, then a wool jacket is the perfect solution for those cosy vibes.

If it’s to merely hold off the rain, which let’s face it is most of the time in this country, then a lightweight transitional jacket will do the job!

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, then worry not, as a puffer jacket will provide the best of both worlds.

There is however an exception when it comes to being logical about clothing and that is style.

Not all that we wear has a rationale behind it. Sometimes we just want to look good! When it comes to a winter coat however there are other things to be considered; the quality, its longevity, and its ability to save us from getting frostbite! A sexy little blazer will just not do!

Ultimately the decision boils down to your priority. A coat’s functionality is unique to your preference.

Style of the Coat

You’re probably wondering if you must choose between staying warm or not looking like a marshmallow for the rest of the year.

There is no ultimatum here, just solutions as to how you can achieve both.

A jacket should never fit too tightly against your body. You should always leave breathing room for heat to circulate. You also want to allow room for layering! It is often recommended to size up when purchasing a jacket, to ensure all of this!

There are so many kinds of jackets that are both figure-hugging, elegant, and winter-appropriate.

Exhibit A, The Trench Coat, a flattering option for a night out on the town, when the weather hits below 5 degrees. Anything with a belt is going to help cinch the waste and build structure into an outfit.

New Look – €67.49

ASOS – €89.99

If you are more of a 90s chick, and thrive on the oversized vibes, then a puffer coat is going to be right up your alley. FYI, thrifting these kinds of pieces can be so much fun!

ASOS Marketplace – €75

Pull & Bear – €39.99

For something that’s in between, I would opt for a padded or quilted coat. Not too heavy or light, loose-fitting, but not oversized and a piece that can be worn year in and year out.

Simply Be – €42

H&M – €79.99

Nobody’s Child – €58.50


Words by Shauna Whyte


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