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Erica Cody, Denys Samson

Last night we got to see another night of glitz and glamour as Dancing with the Stars continues, and this week saw the very first dance-off of the series. Up until now eliminations had been a combination of the judges scores and the public vote, with the lowest being sent home.

This week was the first time we got to see the two lowest scoring couples compete in the dreaded dance-off, which sees the judges choose who to send home. On Sunday night we saw Erica Cody and pro-dancer Denys Samson joined by Missy Keating and Ervinas Merfeldas in the dance-off, having to perform their routines again.

Ultimately the judges chose to send Irish model and influencer, Missy Keating home. This was Missy’s first week back on the show, as after testing positive for Covid she had to miss Dedicated Dance Week. She was first out on the floor for this week’s show with a bang, as she was also celebrating her 21st birthday over the weekend!

Missy Keating, Ervinas Merfeldas

The pair danced a cheeky charleston to ‘Out Out’ by Joel Corry & Jax Jones feat. Charli XCX & Saweetiw which scored them a 24 from the judges. Giving feedback after their performance Loraine said; “A huge welcome back! What was funky fun charleston, I loved all the different moves. Gorgeous kicks and flicks. The lifts were the very good. I think you smashed it.”

Arthur added; “You are out tonight! A huge Happy 21st Birthday. That was full of energy and personality. You brought charleston to a new era.”

Brian also gave his thoughts on the performance; “It wasn’t that I’d call a traditional charleston. Swivels were good, lots of power and snap. That performance probably unlocked the door for you for next week.”

Missy Keating

Unfortunately this brilliant feedback wasn’t enough to keep them in the competition and the pair were sent home this week. Following the result Missy, who has been supported by her Dad, Ronan Keating throughout the show said; “Well at least I’m going out to party now. I’m going out!”

To her partner throughout the series, Ervinas, she said; “Thank you, you’re the best. It’s been an amazing journey. I’ve loved every second.”

Pro-dancer, Ervinas added; “She’s been incredible every week. She gave it her very best. It’s all I can ask for.”

Nicolas Roche, Karen Byrne

Professional cyclist Nicola Roche was next out on the floor with his partner for the series, Karen Byrne. The pair scored a 17 from the judges for their waltz to Take That’s ‘Love Ain’t Here Anymore.’

Arthur said about their performance; “You have such a wonderful partnership. I’m so looking forward to seeing more.”

Brian Redmond added; “I’m sort of in and out of love with this. In balance I loved it. Out of balance I hated it. That’s a shame, as it flows,” to which Loraine responded; “I think you were hard Brian. That music allows for softness. You worked extremely hard. You had a lovely frame and a beautiful smile.”

Erica Cody, Denys Samson

Singer, Erica Cody was up next and as usual she and pro-dancer, Denys Samson did not disappoint. The pair danced an upbeat salsa to Camilla Cabello’s ‘Don’t Go Yet’ which earned them a 27 from the judges.

Brian Redmond was full of praise for their performance; “Authentic salsa arms. Hip actions of a professional standard. The landing of the last lift was a bit… but Erica good last week, back to being great this week.”

Loraine added; “That’s what you love , that space and freedom. Hips were free, circular motion too. Maybe a bit more shoulders. You lit up the room.”

Billy McGuinness, Hannah Kelly

Aslan’s Billy McGuinness was up next, dancing an American Smooth with his professional dance partner, Hannah Kelly. They danced to Dean Martin’s classic, ‘Ain’t That a Kick In The Head’ which scored them an 18 from the judges.

Impressed by their performance this week Arthur said; “I’m your biggest fan. American Smooth is a precise dance. Week 7, you’ve been doing good. No matter what you do, keep enjoying it. That’s what makes it.”

Loraine added; “It’s very difficult to keep a straight face! Your posture and poise in the frame was very good. Bend that body around, get more dancing in. But your singing was great.”

Ellen Keane, Stephen Vincent

Fifth out on the floor was Paralympian, Ellen Keane and pro-dancer Stephen Vincent. They performed a foxtrot to Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ which earned them a 23 from the judges this week.

Arthur was in raptures after their performance saying; “Ellen, you are like a goddess. The way you were moving your feet, you were like dancing on air, floating.”

Brian added; “Flexibility of the body. It takes real skill and confidence to fill space. There were one or two moments when you were out of sync with each other. But overall a very good attempt.”

And Head Judge, Loraine said; “Graceful, elegant and beautiful. So perfect for foxtrot. The softness. 2 and 3 heel turns. It’s an extremely difficult dance. Balance between you, a little bit bumpy, but a great execution.”

Matthew MacNabb, Laura Nolan

Love Island star, Matthew MacNabb and Laura Nolan were up next after reaching the top of the leaderboard last week. On Sunday’s show they danced a cha-cha-cha to ‘Dynamite’ by BTS. The pair scored a 12 from the judges, but after their high scores last week, they had earned immunity for this week’s show.

Brian commented; “You’re safe from immunity tonight, but you were a bit immune to dancing too. A damp squid in places, you stood still a lot. You need to get more of what you had last week. You were on time in one section in the middle though.”

Arthur added;  “Cha cha was challenging. A little bit awkward to watch. Let’s be positive. You’re not going anywhere tonight. For next week re-group, and bring the magic from last week.”

Grainne Seoige, John Nolan

Gráinne Seoige and John Nolan were up next with a tango to Gotan Project’s ‘Santa Maria.’ Their performance earned them an impressive 22 from the judges this week.

Sharing her feedback Loraine said; “You got it tonight Graine. Very good tango, lot of staccato. Powerful oversway. You also enriched the performance by putting in the Argentinian Tango . Intensity in face, but give more angles in the body. That’s the next part.”

Brian added; “Technically, very good. Tiny moments here and there. Excellent across arms, Beautiful head position. Aloof. Slightly bigger steps would have given it more punch, but a very good tango.” Viennese Waltz to Beyoncé’s ‘At Last.’

Nina Carberry, Pasquale La Rocca

Former jockey Nina Carberry and past DWTS winner, Pasquale La Rocca were up next with an impressive performance which earned them the first 30 of the series so far. The pair danced a Viennese Waltz to Beyoncé’s ‘At Last.’

Arthur shared his delight at their performance; “You’re elegant, you are a pure talent. You bring determination and power. A Viennese waltz is twice as fast as a normal waltz, Who would have thought that a jockey could be such a sensational dancer?”

Brian too was impressed saying; “I don’t know what dancing with you is like, but sitting here, I think it must be great. Power, swing and movement, and to combine it with elegance, it takes the very best dancers to combine those. One of the very best.”

Jordan Conroy, Salome Chachua

Last but certainly not least out on the floor was rugby star, Jordan Conroy and pro-dancer, Salome Chachua. The pair danced an uptempo jive to ‘Runaway Baby’ by Bruno Mars which scored them an incredible 29 from the judges.

Speaking about their performance Brian said;  “Last week you brought elegance, This week it was speed, power and athleticism, Maybe in one section, a bit flappy in foot. Your musicality – your feet and dance in every movement. Not a home run, but a great effort.”

Loraine added; “Knocked out of the park. So light of your feet. So in unison with each other. The kicks and clicks. A great performance.”

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