Our Hair Heroes share how Annutri has changed their self confidence

Pic: Evan Doherty

Having healthy, luscious hair is so important to many – but we don’t all have naturally perfect hair, and could do with a little helping hand along the way. This is where Annutri comes in!

Annutri was created when owners Anita Donoghue (CEO and co-founder) and Steve Kucsera (co-founder) spoke to their clients in the Hair Cafe, Smithfield, about hair woes and noticed a gap in the market. Teaming up with Kevin Connolly of, they created their first product – their GROW IT supplements, which are made right here in Ireland using all-natural, vegan-friendly ingredients.


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Anita tells us: “We realised that in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle changes, taking a supplement with specific nutrients needed by hair can be extremely helpful in making hair healthy, shiny and voluminous. Nourishment is paramount in creating a healthy head of hair and our mission is to bring a holistic 360 approach to caring for it.”

In addition to their supplements, they have recently introduced the GROW IT Scalp Oil to their range.

Pic: Evan Doherty

“Oiling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves massaging nourishing oils into the hair and scalp,” she tells us. “It has been used for centuries to promote scalp and hair health, bringing vital vitamins and minerals directly into the roots, stimulating blood flow to promote growth and reduce hair loss. With that in mind, our GROW IT Scalp Oil contains a powerful blend of five natural oils and nutrient-dense seaweed, which contains an abundance of growth-promoting herbal extracts. Using both of the GROW IT products together will really accelerate your results and you will start to notice a difference in your hair health quicker than you think.”

Over the last few months VIP has followed three beautiful women on their quest to improve the quality of their tresses using Annutri.

Pic: Evan Doherty

Following an initial consultation in Dublin’s Hair Cafe with Steve and Anita, the ladies went home with a 3-month course of Annutri’s miracle supplement GROW IT, Annutri’s Scalp Oil and a professional home care shampoo and conditioner kit to kickstart their journey, and here’s how they got on! These are their results after just 3 months, but for maximum benefit, we recommend using them for between 6 to 12 months.


Pic: Evan Doherty

I was in major need of this hair transformation. Growing two little girls in the past four years impacted the growth of hair, nails and lashes. I suffered majorly with postpartum hair loss. I remember being on holiday in Spain and the white tiles looked like they had a special design as there was so much hair all over them.

It’s an awful experience for a lot of new mams. I had been on a journey myself for a year to grow my hair back, changing my products, dying it less often and scaling back on the use of heated tools. I was seeing some very slow growth, but the overall condition of my hair was still brittle. Now, over the course of the last three months using both Annutri’s supplements and scalp oil, I have seen a huge improvement.

I have plenty of new baby hairs around the hairline, I am getting faster growth and can see the areas where I lost hair are all covered now, which I’m delighted with. I really loved using the scalp oil. Not only does it smell delicious, but it really helped to improve the overall condition of my hair. There’s a lot less breakage, and noticeably, a lot less hair in my brush. I would highly recommend anyone with hair loss to use Annutri’s GROW IT.


Pic: Evan Doherty

After a weight loss of 7 and a half stone, my hair began to thin and fall out at a rapid pace. My hair was always my safety net, even if I didn’t like what I was wearing I could always make my hair look nice and feel good. It was so scary to see the volume of
hair I was losing – my hairbrush was full every single day.

This really knocked my confidence – after all, a woman’s hair is a part of her identity. I have been using GROW IT supplements by Annutri for three months now and I am amazed at how much regrowth
I have had. I almost have a full fringe and when I tie my hair up I can see how much has regrown at the back too. My hair feels a lot fuller overall. I have also been using the GROW IT Scalp Oil three times a week and I absolutely love this product. The smell is fabulous and my hair looks and feels so healthy after using it.

I have enjoyed the journey and I’m so happy to see such great results after only three months – I can’t wait to see what the next three months look like. It’s made me so happy to get my hair back to feeling full and healthy again. I’m recommending GROW IT to everyone!


Pic: Evan Doherty

I really fell out of love with my hair. Over the course of a few months, I noticed it had become very thin, and a lot was falling out every time I brushed it. My hair had always been long and full, but it became shorter and thinner, to the point where I was very conscious of it.

I found Annutri to be a great help – I’ve seen new baby hairs and new growth at the top of my head already. Thank you for this great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and get me back on the road to loving my hair again.

I’m really looking forward to continuing my journey with Annutri.


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