Grainne Hughes discusses the benefits of reflexology on National Reflexology Week

This week, from the 21st – 27th September is National Reflexology Week, but for many of us we may not be quite sure what it is. It’s far more than just massage, reflexology can have so many benefits to both the mind and body.

VIP caught up with reflexologist, Grainne Hughes on the subject.

What is reflexology?

It is believed that the body systems and organs are mapped out on the feet. A skilled reflexologist works the whole foot  and body holistically – working on mind, body and spirit.

When the treatment is carried out correctly, the reflexologist can usually feel areas that are blocked or tender and usually corresponds to an area like the shoulders, sinuses, kidneys which is enormously powerful. Clients are very surprised that I can tell them about their tight hips or sore back just from their feet.

What’s even more fascinating is you can sometimes pick up on people’s emotions that they maybe haven’t dealt with such as anger, grief, sadness as it’s visible through colour change on the feet. A therapist who is skilled in energy work can feel the emotions and help to release them.

For Grainne, her goal is to have reflexology recognised more in the mainstream wellness community; “There is still a lot of taboo around reflexology and not a lot of clarity of what it actually is, and the overwhelming health benefits that can be achieved.”

Grainne is one of approximately 2,000 reflexologists across Ireland that is trying to raise awareness of the overwhelming health benefits of the treatment.

What are some of the misconceptions about the treatment?

Reflexology is not a foot massage, there are elements of massage in the warmup and relaxation piece of the treatment, but it is not just a massage.

Instead, reflexology is a recognised complementary therapy and works to support conventional medicine and treatments. You do not have to be sick to benefit, many people use reflexology as part of their self-care and wellness plans.

Clients usually fall asleep or go into a deep state of relaxation during the treatment with many reporting feelings of hitting the reset button after, increased energy and mental clarity are also reported. Although if we are dealing with chronic issues the client can feel more tired or symptoms may appear to worsen temporarily – also known as a healing crisis.

Some of the many benefits of reflexology;

  • Stress reduction
  • Balances Hormones
  • Your body does its own healing and we aim to bring the body back to homeostasis (Balance)
  • Better energy levels
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Boosted Circulation
  • Toxin Elimination
  • Lymphatic Flow
  • Deep relaxation and inner peace
  • Boosts immune system

For more information on Grainne Hughes’ studio go to  The Relaxation Hub. 


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