Graham Norton shows off his quick wit in this clip from the 1980s

This is priceless!

We could watch this again and again. PIC: VIP Ireland.


Just when we thought we couldn’t love Graham Norton anymore, we see footage of him from the eighties, and our adoration reaches a whole new level!

A clip has surfaced online of the chat show king in the audience of a television show called Youngline in 1981. The Cork native is engaging in a debate about Irish teenage discos, an issue that seemed quite a pressing topic for the fellow debaters.

Graham however, who is roughly 18-years-old in the clip, takes a much more light hearted approach to “an oul dance” and acts as the voice of reason among the group, not understanding what the big deal was.

His quick wit comes out when a young man with an opposing view asks him “if he gets on sexually ok,” and Graham shuts him down in the best way possible.


In hindsight, it’s obvious Graham had serious talent from a young age!

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