“He was 15. He breathed his last in West Cork. He was Bailey the Bear, he had a lovely last day down drinking his fill out of the stream.”

“He was on his last legs, he wasn’t very mobile or anything.”

“He had a seizure, and I took him up to the emergency place up in Cork and we said goodbye.”

Graham revealed that he was relieved it happened whilst he was here in Ireland rather than his home in London; “I was so glad we got him back here.” 

“It was dramatic and awful and yet anyone who has done this knows, that moment when you get to give your dog that gift is kind … it’s kind of the greatest act of kindness you can do for that animal.”

Whilst on the show, Graham also spoke about the release of his latest fiction novel, Home Stretch. This is Graham’s third novel, following his previous success with Holding and A Keeper – both of which climbed up best seller lists.