Graham Norton reveals he can’t use dating app Grindr due to BBC job

The star is currently single.

The presenter is not the highest paid employee
The presenter is not the highest paid employee

Graham Norton has revealed that he won’t be downloading Grindr anytime soon to find love, as it would be frowned upon at the BBC.

The TV presenter split from long-term boyfriend Scott Michaels in 2017 but won’t be finding a new man on the gay dating app.

“I couldn’t do Grindr because of what it is and because I work for the BBC,” he explained to Katie Couric on her podcast.

“But I felt Tinder was socially acceptable, I could do Tinder, but no more.”

Graham Norton

Before his relationship with Scott, Graham did have a Tinder account, which included photos of the Cork man on holiday and wearing motorbike gear.

While the chat show host is open to some casual dating, he admitted he has little interesting in living with another man anytime soon.

“People co-habit because they have to because it makes economic sense.

“I don’t think anyone wants to live with anybody. People like things the way they like things, so it’s ‘the toilet paper’s hung the wrong way round’, it’s ‘the bread doesn’t go there’.

“My problem as well is that I’m old, so the longer you leave it the worse this gets.”



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