Give your kids the boost they need this spring with MINAMI Liquid Kids Omega-3

Keeping your family safe and healthy has been a priority for the nation over the last year.

After continuous stress, many of us are feeling tired and overwhelmed, doing our immune systems no favours, and this extends on to our little ones too. With months spent indoors, time away from their friends and teachers, the changes that this past year has seen are sure to have a negative effect on even the most laid back of children. So, for this, it’s important to keep our tots happy and healthy when and where we can.

Looking for easy ways to give your kids a health boost to prepare them for heading back to the classroom? An essential in any child’s diet is omega-3, and a quick Google search brings up a never-ending list of benefits to including it into a diet, so, we caught up with nutritionist Jo Sharp to chat why and how we should be incorporating this nutrient into our children’s routines.

Omega-3 is essential for children, from conception and beyond, especially when it comes to brain development. There is some evidence to suggest that low levels of omega-3 in children may lead to the development of allergies, as well as poor immune function,” Jo says. 

“Increasing a child’s omega-3 intake could have a positive impact on their sleep too. The right amount of DHA may increase the number of hours they sleep each night, helping to improve their energy levels the following day.”

As children make their much-anticipated return to school, it’s important for their brain function to be at its peak. Why, that is, Jo chats us through.

Omega-3 is essential for a healthy brain. DHA specifically is also believed to help improve children’s mental skills, including thinking, remembering, and learning.”

So, how exactly can our children start incorporating more Omega-3 into their diets? It’s simple, Jo says:

“Introducing supplements into their daily routine can be a good way to support them at such a crucial stage in their learning and development,” says Jo. 

Committed to keeping you and your little ones as healthy as can be, MINAMI has launched a new DHA+EPA Liquid Kids formula, making it easy for us to incorporate this essential nutrient into our kid’s daily routines. Supporting brain, vision, and heart function, it’s suitable for children aged from 1 and over, with adjustable dosage.

Recommended by Jo, she says: “The MINAMI children’s range is specially designed with tailored ratios of EPA and DHA depending on the child’s age. The new MINAMI Liquid Kids with Vitamin D3 is a great and easy way to incorporate that into a child’s diet.”

MINAMI is a brand dedicated to bringing consumers the best fish oil products on the market. With superior purity, MINAMI has a patented production process, which handles ingredients at a low temperature in order to achieve unparalleled levels of purity. This is great news for us, as it means that we get more omega-3 for fewer softgels, making them 3x more effective than other fish oil softgels.

What’s more, as our youngsters have been spending significantly less time outdoors, MINAMI has enriched Vitamin D3 into their DHA+EPA Liquid Kids formula. This means that a daily dosage of the supplement will ensure normal growth, healthy bone, and teeth development, along with protecting the immune system all year round.

MINAMI native

Sustainably sourced, MINAMI is Friend Of The Sea (FOS) certified, meaning they source small, unendangered fish from the fresh waters of the pacific – an anecdote to tell your little one as they enjoy their daily dose.

Half a teaspoon of the liquid omega-3 formula provides your child with 100% of their daily recommended Vitamin D intake and optimum levels of EPA and DHA, and even the fussiest of children will be queuing up to get a spoonful, as it’s flavoured with orange and berry, yum!

Pick up MINAMI DHA+EPA Liquid Kids formula here for just €33.84.




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