Giovanni Pernice opens up about how the ‘Strictly Curse’ with girlfriend Maura Higgins is not something he’s worried about

Maura Higgins

It’s every celeb couple’s worst nightmare, you’re going about your business, living your best life, and suddenly your partner comes home and tells you that they’ve signed up to do Strictly Come Dancing. Images of your other half getting sweaty and spicy flash before your eyes and before you know it BAM the ‘Strictly Curse’ has struck.

We’ve seen it happen time and time again with couples, and singletons alike. The Strictly ballroom is a breeding ground for new relationships, but what happens when your partner is a Strictly professional?

Well, nothing, assures Giovanni Pernice, Maura Higgins’ boyfriend.

Maura Higgins

Debunking the apparent curse the show has, Giovanni says that his girlfriend has nothing to worry about when he takes part in this year’s show; “Maura is absolutely fine, in the sense that it’s not a curse, I’m going to dance with my celeb, and she will be supporting me all the way,” he told Hello! Magazine.

“Realistically, if you’re happy in your relationship there is no reason for the curse. If you’re happy with your wife or with your husband, you wouldn’t go on Strictly to cheat.”

“I knew you were going to ask me, and I always answer the same thing,” he continued. “You can have a curse anywhere, if you go to the office, you can have a curse with a person that’s working with you”

“It’s not a ‘Strictly Curse’, it’s something that if you’re single, if your partner’s single and you end up liking each other, there is nothing wrong with that.”

Maura Higgins
Maura Higgins

And it seems Maura feels the same too, as she recently rubbished claims that she’s worried the show may break their relationship. She tweeted: “You’re just boring me now” under a story about how the ‘strictly curse’ may break up their new relationship!

The two confirmed their romance with a cute Instagram snap back in July of this year and have been going strong since.

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