Gift wrap tips for the ultimate gift giver this festive season

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Whether what you’re gifting is big or small, it always feels a bit more special when you can tell that little bit of extra effort was put into the wrapping.

The ultimate gift giver might add a bow, or fold the paper in some way that defies all logic, or even mark it with a wax seal.

Here are some of the best and most luxurious tips to up your wrapping game this Christmas season.

1. Pleated Gift Wrap

The extra effort put into wrapping your gift with pleats will mean you gifts will stand out, and your loved ones will know just how much you mean to them.

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2. Handwritten Note

Including a handwritten note on each tag is a personal touch that will make the gift feel extra special for your loved ones.

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3. Tie It Together With A Bow

Nothing adds a bit of glamour to a gift like a big bow tied on top. If you have someone you’re looking to impress this Christmas, this is the way to do it!

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4. Sealed With Wax

Sealing a gift with wax is a seriously unique way to sign your presents! This will wow your loved ones, plus it’s something pretty they can hold on to if they’re into keeping treasures!

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5. Incorporate Some Florals

Incorporating your friend or family member’s favourite flower into the seal on their gift is a super cute way to add a personal touch that really shows how much attention you pay to every little detail!

Words by Rebekah O’Reilly


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