George McMahon shares what we can expect from Fair City character Mondo next

George McMahon
George McMahon, Pic: VIP Ireland

George McMahon’s on screen character, Mondo is a familiar face for many of us on screen. The star first joined the soap twenty years ago, and has no plans on stopping anytime soon!

Chatting about this at RTE’s launch of their new season he said; “It’s hard to believe it’s 20 years” and that perhaps a wedding could be on the cards for him at some point in the show; “I hope that there would be wedding bells.”

“I never take it for granted, and you know it’s a thing that I’m very proud to be part of, and I’d absolutely love to stick around as long as they’ve got some stories for me to tell.”

George McMahon
George McMahon, Pic: VIP Ireland

Revealing some of his favourite storylines over the years he shared that one of his earlier ones is what stands out most. Reflecting on that time he said that someone showed him a snap of him as a teenage Dad on the show holding baby Juliet; “Obviously it was a full year of high drama Mondo was only 16 and that was that was my first one in there.”

“So that’ll always stick out as my favourites as storylines, I think.”

Pic: VIP Ireland

Chatting about how the character of Mondo has progressed over the years, and what we can expect from him in the years to come he said; “I suppose the last couple of years what Mondo has been trying to do is shake that cheeky Chappie kind of reputation that he has, and actually make something for himself, and turn things around and become a better father, a better provider.”

Continuing he added; “So something has to give somewhere along the line so we’ll see what will happen to Mando, because as they say a leopard never changes his spots so there’s every chance that he can mess up along the way.”

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