Galway Girl singer Sharon Shannon’s threat to father’s impersonator goes viral!

The musician made quite the threat to the imposter...

Sharon and her REAL father I.J Shannon
Sharon and her REAL father I.J Shannon

Musician Sharon Shannon certainly means business and threatened to “chop the mickey” off a man who is impersonating her elderly father.

The Clare native posted a photo of herself and her real Dad on Facebook and then proceeded to rant about the “bo**ix” who is pretending to be her dad.

In the post, she claimed that a “horrid pushy man” has been traveling the country, accordion in tow, making claims that the Galway Girl singer is his daughter.

“He demands free drink in every pub he goes into playing his accordion… He has been seen several times in Spiddal and at various festivals all over the country”, she wrote.

The fiddle player then instructed her followers to inform her if they ever crossed paths with the impostor.

Sharon's rant was shared 20,000 times
Sharon’s rant was shared 20,000 times

“If anybody knows who this bo**ix is or if you have a photo of him, please post it up here. If you ever see him again, please take a photoand I will post it up here”.

Funnily enough, a fan quickly quipped that they had indeed come across the imposter, and shared their own encounter:

“Whilst on holiday in Ennis a few years back we gave a lift to a man… from Doolin to Kilfanora or somewhere like that who claimed to be Sharon Shannon’s father,” they wrote on the page.

”We gave him a lift because we were afraid he would get hit by a car as he was staggering all over the road. He had a melodeon with him,” they said.

DON'T get on the wrong side of Sharon...
DON’T get on the wrong side of Sharon…

They revealed shortly later that the landlord where they were staying told them that he was not in fact the man he was claiming to be.

While VIP Towers found Sharon’s post just a tad amusing, it seems maybe the musician had a change of heart as she removed it from her Facebook page shortly afterwards.

Not before the over 20,000 people who shared the post read the following though: “I swear if I ever meet the bo**ix I will chop off his mickey.”

Sharon took to her profile again last night to write: “I won’t be chopping off anybody’s mickey. It was a JOKE!

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