Five winter hairstyles to spice up your look

Pic: Instagram/Terrie McEvoy

Sometimes it can be forgotten what can be said with a well-styled head of hair… after all, it holds all our secrets.

The limits are endless when it comes to a good hairdo. It’s a way of accessorising yourself for free, and all we must do in return is sacrifice those extra ten minutes in bed to give our hair that little bit of effort and care.

So without further ado, here are VIPs’ top five ways to wear your hair that will spice up any look.

Slick Back Pony & Add a Bow

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For a girlie vibe. A bow can add that sweetness to any overdone hairstyle.

Simply slick your hair back into a high or low pony… whatever your heart desires. Add a ribbon or a clip-in bow, and now you can go about your day knowing you’re looking extra cute.

Sleek Curly Bun

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Okay, Pamela Anderson!

Tie your hair back and into a semi-high bun. Leave the ends of your hair outside of the bun and then give them a curl. Adjust or pin up some of the strands until you are left with messy perfection!

Double Braid

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Because one just isn’t enough.

Split your hair into a top and bottom section. Plait the top part downward and at the back, then repeat on the bottom section of the hair. We recommend using two little satin scrunchies as alternatives to elastics to make things even more interesting.

Front Piece Braids

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Putting your hair behind your ears with a twist.

Section off your front pieces and braid each side behind the ears. If you have skill then feel free to use a Dutch or French braid technique. Tie the ends of each braid with an elastic and let your locks fall naturally. We are obsessed!

The 90s Behind The Ears

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Sometimes you’ve got to add that spice.

Section off your front pieces of hair, tying back the rest. Sleek the front pieces down and tie the ends of each side together with an elastic at the back of your head, underneath the rest of your hair. Now let your hair down, and add two baby plaits to set the 90s tone.

Words by Shauna Whyte


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