Fair City outdoes itself with seriously controversial storyline

It’s heading down a very dark path.

Poor little Ellie!
Poor little Ellie!

Fair City has outdone itself with it’s latest controversial storyline, as one particular scenario takes a sinister turn for the worst.

Heather has been secretly drugging her 12-year old daughter Ellie over the past few weeks to gain the attention of a local doctor, however tonight’s dramatic episode sees it going one step too far.

Speaking to The Herald, an RTE spokeswoman said, “Things took a more sinister turn on New Year’s Eve when Heather started drugging Ellie’s food for her own good.

“Tonight, viewers will be gripped when things take a turn for the worst and Ellie finds herself in grave danger after she swallows painkiller tablets she finds in Heather’s bag.

Things are about to take a turn for the worst
Things are about to take a turn for the worst

“Heather insists that Ellie eats her food [which contains crushed tablets], before leaving her alone to go down and help Hughie behind the bar – despite Ellie complaining of tummy pains.

“A little while later, while Ellie is alone, the pain in her stomach gets worse. She finds the pack of tablets in Heather’s bag and takes two more, hoping it will help the pain.

“Shortly afterwards, Renee pops upstairs to check on Ellie and finds her unconscious.”

The show airs tonight on RTE1 tonight at 8pm.

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