Expert advice on managing female hormone health in your 30s

Nutritionist Susie Debice and her expert panel advise on female hormone health

L to R: Orla Hopkins, Fitness Coach, Sarah Brereton, Nutritional Therapist, Dr Mary Ryan, Consultant Endocrinologist, Lorraine Keane, Cleanmarine Ambassador, Fiona Brennan, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Dr Katherine Mulrooney, Specialist in Cosmetic Dermatology.

Every stage of womanhood comes with a new set of hormonal changes and challenges. As you move into your 30s you may be sprinting up the career ladder, planning a family, or juggling parenting and working. In addition, you may be more concerned about maintaining a healthy weight, keeping your skin looking fresh or reducing stress. No matter what this phase of womanhood brings for you, selfcare is a priority.


Feeling like you are running around at a million miles per hour juggling work deadlines, family commitments and your social calendar can leave you feeling frazzled. After a while this busy-bee lifestyle could start to impact on your hormone balance. If your super-woman persona starts to have super-monster moments, it’s time to make some changes!

Dr Mary Ryan, Consultant Endocrinologist, reminds us that there are times in your monthly cycle when you just need to pause. “If a phone’s battery is in the red, you plug it in. You give it what it needs. Sometimes we have to do that with our bodies too.”

Take 20-30 minutes for yourself, delegate some tasks, ask for support at work and reschedule social engagements. Reassess your work-life-family balance so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. This can have a real positive impact on hormone balance.


Many women find they begin to gain a few pounds in their 30s as their metabolism starts to slow down. To maintain a healthy weight and optimal hormone balance it’s important to have a regular exercise routine.

For those under time pressure, Orla Hopkins, Fitness Expert recommends interval workouts or HIIT sessions (high intensity interval training) sessions. “They burn more calories in less time. This style of training can be done anywhere, even at home –try 30 seconds jumping jacks… 30 seconds rest. The idea is no matter how long you rest, you bring everything you’ve got to your intervals.”

Your 30’s is also a good time to start protecting your bones and ensuring against future osteoporosis. As we get a little bit older and oestrogen levels lower, although you can’t see it, bone health can be compromised. Take care of your bones by exercising regularly and ensuring adequate amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D in your diet.

Nutritional Therapist, Susie Debice


When it comes to diet, it’s all about consuming foods that have real nutritional value rather than empty calories. This means cutting back on starchy and refined carbs and switching to wholegrains, pulses, lentils, quinoa and eating more fruits and vegetables as these are rich in antioxidants which help to reduce the harmful effects of free-radicals generated by stress, UV-rays, pollution, alcohol, smoking and inflammation.

You can also supplement to support your nutritional needs. Cleanmarine For Women is an omega 3 and multivitamin blend designed to offer women additional nutritional support especially around the time of your period. It contains Vitamin B6, which helps to regulate hormonal activity, Vitamin B2, which supports normal skin and Vitamin B1, which helps maintain normal energy levels.

To learn more about managing your hormone health at every life stage pick up a free copy of The Essential Guide to Female Hormones in your local Health Store or Pharmacy; or download at


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