Exclusive: The real reason why Tommy Bowe isn’t ready to start a family…

He married the love of his life last year - but he's not ready for a family just yet.

The pair on their stunning wedding day
The pair on their stunning wedding day

Tommy Bowe has been happily married to former Miss Wales, Lucy Whitehouse, for almost a year now, and while starting a family is “the obvious next step” for the happy couple, he’s simply not ready for it just yet.

The rugby ace, who recently launched his impressive SS16 XV Kings clothing range, exclusively admitted to VIP today that although he would love to have a family one day, he’s not the best with children. In fact, he told us that he doesn’t even fancy babysitting for him team mates!

Speaking about whether he has plans to settle down with kids, Tommy said, “Not really, but I suppose it is the obvious next step. We’ve been married for almost a year. We will have a family – we both look forward to having a family at some stage. We’re not in much of a rush.

“With my teammates, and everyone else, there’s kids galore around training at the moment. At some stage, I’m sure we’ll go down that route but it’s not really something we’re rushing into.”

He's not quite ready for a baby just yet
He’s not quite ready for a baby just yet

And will he be offering his childminding services to his pals?

“No. I think there’s a good reason why we’re not rushing into things, because I’m not the best or most comfortable with babies. I think when they’re a little bit older, and there’s a bit more craic, we can have a bit more fun then.”

The couple are making the most of their quiet time, without the pitter patter of little feet running around, and are planning a trip away to celebrate their upcoming one year wedding anniversary.

“It’s coming up on a year now. It’s been great. There’s not been much of a change. Married life so far has been good – it’s about enjoying it. The two of us are happy and well settled at this stage.

“I think we’ll be off on holidays. Unfortunately I’m going to be missing the South Africa tour, but I’m sure Lucy will be happy that I’m around. Obviously I’d love to be in South Africa but we’ll make the most out of it and go on holidays and enjoy it.”

Tommy and Lucy are completely loved up
Tommy and Lucy are completely loved up

While being off injured, Tommy has more time than ever to focus on his clothing line – which you can check out here.

The rugby ace has just launched his new XV Kings spring/summer 2016 collection, and couldn’t be prouder of the work that went into it.

“Finally we’ve gotten it all into stores. It’s great to have it all in a shop. You’re always a little bit nervous when the stuff goes out, but I’m very happy. We started off very small and it’s all about expanding it and trying to get it bigger and bigger as each season goes on. Last spring it was very small – it was really just a continuation from the winter, but this year, they’ve expanded it right out.

“We’ve loads more polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies and so it’s just about mixing it up and keep going. We don’t want to rush into anything. It’s about keeping things at a decent quality.

“We wanted to get things to a really good quality, and wanted them to look good, but the most important thing was that we wanted it to be a price that people could afford. A lot of the brands that are out there are either very low or very high, and we wanted to try get into the middle. I think we’ve done that.”

His teammates love the collection
His teammates love the collection

And of course, Tommy’s biggest supporters are his rugby teammates.

“They are but they’re always onto me about getting new gear and freebies! Once you give them one thing for free, they won’t go and put their hand in their pocket.

“Ah, in fairness to them, they let me know about it but they’ve gone out and bought some stuff. Whenver i see them wearing the shoes or the clothes, they always put a smile on my face. It’s a compliment.

But despite them supporting him, Tommy has no intentions of heading to Rob Kearney’s salon for a few quick beauty treatments.

He said, “I don’t think I’d be in a rush to be heading down to it, but to be as good looking as Rob, maybe that’s the way forward.”

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