Everything you need to know about Ireland’s hottest new show, First Dates!

We can’t wait for this to hit our screens next week.

Mateo will be Maitre D' for the series
Mateo will be Maitre D’ for the series

The UK version of First Dates is hugely popular with viewers, and by the sounds of it, First Dates Ireland will be just as good.

The show kicks off on RTE next week, and will see a number of singletons paired up in a hope to find their Mr. or Mrs. Right – or at least their Mr. or Mrs. Right Now!

The show was filmed in the Gibson Hotel in Dublin, and head producer – and star of the Great Irish Bake Off – Anna Nolan, has revealed that finding people who were genuinely compatible was hugely important.

Speaking to our sister mag TVNow this week, she said, “We genuinely try to matchmake. There’s no point in trying to put two people together for drama or arguments or clashes. We really try to put them together for love.”

She's seen some good dates so far
She’s seen some good dates so far

According to Anna, things have been going well so far and surprisingly, there’s been a lack of awkward silences or nervous mumbles between the hopeful couples.

“Irish people will talk,” she said. “I was waiting for awkward slices during dates but we are incredible at talking.

“I don’t know if it’s an Irish thing of being polite and wanting the other person to feel at ease, but we’re very good at talking.”

Host and Maitre D’ Mateo Saina also noticed how friendly people have been, even when they’re not interested at all in the person sitting across from them.

He's been busy playing cupid
He’s been busy playing cupid

“Some people are good at hiding their feelings, and will be a gentleman or a lady right ’til the end, so even if they don’t like the person sitting opposite them, they’re going to play it nice and polite.”

Despite this, both Anna and Mateo revealed that there’s been some good dates and fantastic pairings to come from the show so far.

TVNow were given an opportunity to listen in on one date, and the chemistry was palpable between Daniel and Kate – especially when she found out how old he was. Here’s a taster of their conversation:

Katie: So how old are you?
Daniel: 34.
Katie: 34? F*** off!
Daniel: Why, how old are you?
Katie: 27.
Daniel: Oh, right.
Katie: No f*** off there, then.

We reckon things might go well with these two! Be sure to tune into the show when it airs next Thursday, April 21 on RTE2 at 9.30pm.


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