Everyone is saying the same thing about Daniella Westbrook’s Living With Lucy episode

The dramatic episode aired last night.

Via Lucy Kennedy
Via Lucy Kennedy

This week’s Living with Lucy saw the presenter shack up with Daniella Westbrook in sunny Spain.

The Eastenders actress is currently living in Spain and told Lucy that they would be staying in a rented apartment because she had a stalker.

Daniella revealed several traumatic experiences to Lucy which helped viewers to understand her a little better, however, her party girl ways and mood swings were too much for Lucy to handle.

It wasn’t long before the two women begin to clash, and Daniella is reluctant to keep filming.

Daniella’s friend Ryan ended up tagging along during filming to help break the tension between the two women.

At one point the actress even takes off her microphone and refuses to film, something Lucy said has never happened before.

One part of the episode had viewers cringing, as Daniella tries to persuade Lucy to get botox and lip fillers before they head out.

Fans took to Twitter to freak out, adding that it put them off ever getting the work done for themselves.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 10.47.25

Fans were left with a very mixed opinion on Daniella with some branding her difficult, while others felt sad for her having such a difficult life.

Viewers were also divided on how Lucy handled Daniella’s mood swings.

What did you think of the episode?


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