Elaine Crowley speaks out about cruel message from online troll

She hit back at the bully on her TV3 show.

Elaine hit back!
Elaine hit back!

Elaine Crowley has hit back at an online troll who sent a cruel message to her personal Facebook account.

Earlier in the week she received the nasty comment after a segment on her TV3 show in which she discussed women and girls being victims of online abuse.

In the message, the bully branded Elaine as ‘overweight’, ‘cynical’ and ‘miserable’.

They added: “You have to be the most intolerable yoke I have ever had the misery to listen to on tv. It’s sad how miserable you come across.”

Elaine took to her daytime show of the same name, to speak out about the hurtful message.

“I wasn’t going to mention this but I got a bit cross when I came off air yesterday,” she told viewers.

“I’m going to go through it and, listen, if you don’t like me, you don’t like the show, there’s absolutely no problem – you can turn the television off.  I won’t be offended.

“But sometimes people can get a bit personal and it’s not very nice.”

Addressing the rude comment about her weight, Elaine said: “That is true.  My BMI is above what it should be.”

She continued: “I’m not sure what a ‘bint’ is but I shall look it up in the Urban Dictionary.  I can be a bit cynical and, as I said, the misery might have had something to do with Cork being beaten in the aul hurling.”

Elaine spoke out on her TV3 show
Elaine spoke out on her TV3 show

The troll, named John, also said of Elaine, that “the worst s**t I have ever heard comes out of your mouth.”

“I do take exception to that,” the presenter explained.

“We’re on the brink of war at the moment with Donal Trump going nuts over in the States plus the fact all the nazi stuff going on around the world so if what I’m saying is the most offensive thing you’ve ever heard you clearly need to watch more TV channels.

She added, “Watch the news for a bit.  How’s that for an idea?”

Elaine continued: “I would imagine that you’re not a very happy man if you have to spurt such hate out at somebody that you’ve never met, that you don’t even know.

Elaine stuns at the VIP Style awards
Elaine stuns at the VIP Style awards

“And God knows I can be annoying.  I annoy myself on air sometimes but maybe I would strongly suggest to you to find something else to do with your time than attacking people you don’t know online because you can be damn sure if this is what you’re sending me you’re sending it to other people and other people might not be as resilient as I am at the moment and that might tip other people over the edge.

“It’s not nice to be doing something like that, so just think a little before you send your little messages out.

“So you sir are a bit of a coward,” she said, “I hope you have a happier life than you have had so far.”

Fair play to Elaine for speaking out against her bully!

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