Elaine Crowley shrugs off Tinder: “It’s just a hook up app!”

But is she swiping left or right?

It seems to be taking over the dating scene, with many celebs admitting they’ve set up a Tinder profile – Eoghan McDermott even opened up about a meeting that went wrong yesterday!

So when VIP caught up with Elaine Crowley recently we had to ask – is she swiping right or left to the app?

Elaine, who also told us about the crazy requests she gets from her admirers – including marriage proposals – said that she won’t be signing up anytime soon. Although the Midday star said it’s fine for those who are a fan of casual encounters, she told us it’s not for her.

Elaine think Tinder is for casual flings!
Elaine thinks Tinder is for casual flings!

Elaine confessed: “I’ve never been on it. Sure it’s no harm as long as you’re sensible. You’re not going to meet the love of your life!”

She firmly told us that she will not be swiping through the reams of desirable, and not so desirable, Irish lads any time soon. The starlet said: “If you like hooking up casually- knock yourself out. Can you imagine the pics I would get!”

Elaine is a  target for online weirdos!
Elaine is becoming more digital savvy

Elaine has previously revealed to VIP that the majority of her fans are young and saucy and she is trying to keep up with modern technologies.

“Before the digital age I was receiving actual physical photographs. I get fan mail every day,” she admitted.


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