Elaine Crowley reveals what she really thought when asked to take part in Operation Transformation

"It doesn't bother me that people know what I weigh."

VIP Style Awards 2014 at The Marker Hotel
She’s excited for the show to begin!

Elaine Crowley has revealed what her initial reaction was when asked to take part in Celebrity Operation Transformation.

The Midday presenter admitted that when she first got the phone call asking her to take part in the show she so apprehensive that she ended up piling on the weight!

She said, “I got the phone call to come on and I was thinking, ‘What? I’m not doing this’ and then I worried so much about the decision that I ate myself almost two stone heavier. Then I had to. I was like, ‘Oh I thought I was grand, but I must not be’.”

The brunette beauty went on to say that she wasn’t offended when she was asked to join the show and she wants to help get across the message that the people of Ireland need to eat healthier and exercise more.

She said, “I was more amused than offended [when I was asked]. I haven’t watched the show before because I don’t watch these types of shows, But I’ve been told it’s not like The Biggest Loser, where you have fat people lined up on the scales in a thong or something awful like that.

“The message of getting out and about is important, because like it or not, as a nation we’re getting fatter and fatter.”

We love Elaine's honesty.
We love Elaine’s honesty.

Elaine admitted that she instantly decided to take part in the show and she has no qualms about people knowing her weight.

“It took me about two seconds to decide to do the show. It doesn’t bother me that people know what I weigh.I felt that I was fat… I’m disappointed that I let myself go. I enjoy life too much. I still think you can enjoy life and just be a bit more conscious.”

We can’t wait to see our favourite presenter take part in the show!



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