Elaine Crowley opens up about her father’s tragic death

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Elaine Crowley has opened up about the tragic loss of her father to cancer.

The presenter’s dad passed away from Liposarcome cancer when she was in her early thirties and it was a very tough time for the star and her family.

In a candid interview with the Sunday Independent’s Life magazine, Elaine spoke about how her father dealt with the disease and how her and her mother coped after his passing.

She said, “My dad, he never spoke of his own cancer. It’s something that is very difficult to talk about, because you don’t want to face your own mortality and you don’t want to talk about what might happen, so that was very difficult.

“I know the moment dad passed away my mother was in shock because it never entered her head that he’d actually go. It was something they’d never spoken about, which, in hindsight is ridiculous.”


Elaine then went on to describe the heartbreaking moments that followed his devastating passing.

She said, “We went home straight after dad died and my mum went up to the bed, because it just hit her. I was hugging her, it could have been five minutes, it could have been three hours.

“I was just kind of rocking her on the bed like she was my baby, as opposed to I was hers.”

The stunning brunette continued on saying she has worries about her own health and she believes that cancer will strike her one day.

She said, “I know, statistically, I will get cancer at some point in my life. It’s not a nice thing to say, but given the amount on both sides of my family, it probably will hit me. There is always that fear in the back of your head.”


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