eir VIP Publishing Power of Women Awards 2023: Here are the nominees for the Digital & Tech award, sponsored by eir

VIP Publishing is delighted to announce that the eir Power of Women Awards are back.

These awards celebrate the best and brightest female entrepreneurs in Ireland, across the worlds of fashion, technology, beauty, lifestyle, wellness and more!

The winners, decided by an expert panel and awarded at an exclusive lunch in Dublin’s Marker Hotel on November 17th, will be profiled in the December issue of VIP Magazine.

The Digital & Tech award sponsored by eir celebrates the women whose innovation and drive meet to bring something entirely new to the digital realm.

Here’s a bit more information about our inspiring nominees…

Cassie Delaney – Outcaster

Cassie is one of the people responsible for Tall Tales, a podcast network that achieved nearly 3 million downloads in 2020. They produce some of the country’s most loved podcasts including Death Becomes Him, The Good Glow, The Creep Dive, Juvenalia and How to Fall Apart.

She is also the CEO and co-founder of Outcaster, a company that enables media creators to build industry leading streaming apps without the need for upfront investment or technical expertise. 

Cassie wants to help other creatives make a place for themselves on the internet without having to deal with the hassle of too much technology!

Caroline O’Driscoll and Gillian Keating – iWish 

iWish has been inspiring hundreds of girls to get interested in STEM since its inception back in 2015.

Caroline and Gillian run outreach activities, mentorship programmes, TechForGood laptop donations, twinning programmes, entrepreneurship programmes, further education programmes and showcase events reaching a global audience, to encourage more teenage girls to get interested in a career in Science, Tech, Engineering, and Maths. 

As it stands, 66% of girls see lack of information about STEM careers as a barrier to pursuing a career in STEM. Over the years, Caroline and Gillian have empowered and inspired female students to pursue their interests and ensured that the next generation will be equipped to work in an industry they care about. 

Dr Ciara Clancy – Beats Medical 

Beats Medical delivers digital assessments and therapeutics that transform how CNS & Rare Diseases are managed and understood, to unlock the therapies of the future. 

Founded by Ciara, the team empowers patients, helping them to manage their symptoms independently.

CEO Dr Ciara is a chartered physiotherapist and researcher who attained her PhD in neurosurgery outcomes from Trinity. She is passionate about advancing therapies and improving outcomes through digital innovation. 

Mamobo Ogoro – GORM Media 

Nigerian-Irish Mamobo is a social psychologist, social entrepreneur, and founder of GORM Media, an online platform that’s on a mission to unify Ireland – and the world.

Spurred on by her personal experiences of living in Ireland and her academic research, Mamobo is interested in tackling prejudice and racism and considering dual cultural identity in her social enterprise, which currently boasts Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

Content on the platform has also tackled issues such as autism in women, religious identity, and more.

Fidelma McGuirk – Payslip 

Fidelma decided to up sticks and move to Mayo for a different style of life. However, she wasn’t in Westport for long before she created Payslip, a brand helping businesses globally to scale and manage more globalised and distributed workforces.

She realised that most people don’t worry about their payslips unless things go wrong. She wanted to create an organisation that helps make everything much clearer and easier for both employers and employees.

Since it was launched in 2015, Payslip created hundreds of new jobs in the West of Ireland. Not only that but the company has branched out even further than just Mayo as it focuses on a global level.

Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy – ApisProtect

Dr Fiona is the CEO and co-founder of ApisProtect, a project that highlights the importance of using the IoT (Internet of Things) to monitor honey bees. 

For the past 3 years, they have worked with commercial and hobbyist beekeepers in the U.S. and Ireland to develop a remote beehive monitoring system, collating over 15 million data sets. 

By utilising sensor technology within the beehive, they can provide the beekeeper with data to improve decision making and increase the strength and health of their honey bee colonies, to see which colonies are underperforming and which are ready for pollination. 

Niamh Donnelly – Akara Robotics 

Niamh is the Chief Robotics Officer and co-founder at Akara Robotics. Established in 2019 in Trinity College, the company is the culmination of profound experience in robotics and artificial intelligence. 

Their talented team acquired a diverse range of commercial experience working at companies including NASA and Etsy before returning to commercialise emerging technology at Trinity.

Over the past decade, the team has collaborated to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in healthcare robotics. Their impact has been recognised by TIME Magazine and Forbes. 

Maria Hall – Data Hub / Hub Planning 

Maria is the founder and CEO of Hub Planning. She built the entire platform and a client base of 14 organisations and a team of 5 people in less than a year, as well as building all the internal algorithms that automate the maps, charts, tables and text analysis. 

This means DataHub can create and publish a demographic analysis profile in days, a process that would take months utilising the traditional approach. 

The Sligo based company is a multi-disciplinary strategic planning consultancy with a reputation for delivering high-quality planning projects on time and within budget. 


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