Eight remedies to tackle hay fever

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Who wants to read about hay fever? It’s hardly a riveting topic. Unfortunately, however, it’s a rather necessary read for many. Hay fever affects one in five Irish people, that’s roughly 950,000 nationwide each year.

And this year, which is quickly shaping up to be one of our best yet, is producing unusually high pollen counts. This is the result of our prolonged cold winter and the extended sunny and hot start to the summer.

These conditions combined have meant that many plants had been delayed in flowering and have released their pollen all at once, rather than at the normal slower rate.

It’s the “perfect storm”, according to Sarah O’Connor, CEO of the Asthma Society of Ireland. “For those who suffer from hay fever, summer 2018 has left them feeling truly miserable.”

If you’ve found yourself with a constant runny nose, watery, itchy, red eyes, regular sneezing, headaches, a loss of concentration and regular fatigue, chances are you’re among the mass of people suffering with hay fever.

And what’s the best way to tackle these pesky allergies, we hear you ask? We’re here to help with these top remedies!

1. Quinton Action Plus Nasal Hygiene 

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Unlike saline nasal sprays that are based around sodium chloride, this new non-drying nasal spray created from mineral rich seawater by Galway-based healthcare company Cellnutrition Quinton, uses 78 minerals and trace elements to tackle infection like summer colds and hay fever. From €17.95 at pharmacies nationwide.

2. Hay Max

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HayMax is a natural allergen barrier balm that is applied to the base of the nose and around the bones of the eyes to reduce pollen, dust and pet allergens entering the body.

3. Optrex

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Less allergen, less reaction. Organic Drug-Free Allergen Barrier Balm 5m, €8.99 at Boots. Red itchy or streaming eyes are a tell-tale sign of hay fever suffers, so effective drops can help relieve suffers discomfort and combat inflammation. Optrex soothing eye drops, €3.85 at McCabe’s Pharmacies.

4. Garlic

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Garlic contains antioxidants that act as antihistamines. Just two raw cloves a day will reduce excess catarrh (a stuffy nose). Apologise to everyone you know in advance!

5. Clarityn

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Clarityn allergy tablets contain the active ingredient loratadine, which is a type of medicine called a non-sedating antihistamine. Clarityn works by preventing the actions of histamine. Suitable for adults and children aged six years. Clarityn Allergy tablets (€11.99)

6. Chamomile

Chaomille Tea
Chamomile tea is known to relieve inflammation in your airways. Not only is chamomile an antioxidant with an antihistamine effect, it’s also a source of flavonoids, which helps strengthen your nasal membranes to prevent irritating particles, like pollen, from entering your bloodstream.

7. Omega

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Omega fatty acids contained in fish are important for a healthy immune system. The first phase of an immune reaction is an inflammatory reaction – and fish oil is an anti- inflammatory. Not only that, it’s a great booster for your immune system.

8. Nettle tea 


Nettles have long been thought to relieve allergy symptoms, including hay fever and one of the easiest ways to take the natural remedy is in a tea. However, you shouldn’t drink it if you are pregnant. Heath & Heather Tea Nettle 50 Tea Bags, €3.29 at Holland & Barrett.


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