Eamonn Holmes opens up about the Strictly curse as Ruth begins the show

Eamonn's wife Ruth is currently taking place in Strictly Come Dancing

Eamonn is proud as punch!  Pic: VIP Ireland
Eamonn is proud as punch! Pic: VIP Ireland

Eamonn Holmes has joked that he feels like a widower now that his wife is keeping busy with Strictly Come Dancing.

The presenter is currently training and rehearsing for her Strictly debut, which she fits in along with other TV work.

Eamonn admitted that he feels it is a lot of work for Ruth to take on.

“I am very proud of her. She is not someone to push herself forward. She is just one of those unsung heroes.

“I just hope she enjoys it. I don’t care if she goes out in the first round.

“I think Strictly is good for people who are resting between jobs but Ruth has got four jobs at the minute so it is going to be difficult.”

The Irish man added that not having her around the house is difficult, specially when it comes to making meals.

Ruth is on Strictly Come Dancing PIC @EamonnHolmes
Ruth is on Strictly Come Dancing PIC @EamonnHolmes

He said: “She is a domestic goddess and runs the whole house.

“She does everything and when she is not there, well it is going to be baked beans every night. It will probably be takeaways and they will go out into the bin before she gets home.”

He told the Mirror that he is trying to look after her while she is working so hard.

“I am very good at running her a bath. You know like Rocky, with the trainer with the towel around his neck?

“Everything is on a back burner for me now. She did call me at 5am to the bathroom to apply some lotion to her back.

“I think it was the ­moisturiser after the fake tan.

“I just go along with it. I am just a Strictly widower.”

The This Morning presenter added that he would never take part in the show himself.

“But the show is not for me. I wouldn’t do any of the reality shows. The bookmakers have made her 66/1 but I think they may eat their words.”

Speaking about the infamous Strictly Curse, which often sees couples split up after one of them take part in the show, Eamonn said he’s not worried.

“Whatever the Strictly curse is, bring it on,” he said.

The show kicks off on September 23rd.


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