Don’t skip this skincare step! The Importance Of SPF

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Since you were but a wee one, it’s probably been drilled into you to regularly apply suncream on holidays and on those rare days in Ireland when the mercury soars.

But did you know skin experts recommend giving SPF a starring role in your everyday skincare regime? And not just for protection against the sun’s powerful rays.

“So many SPF products now protect against pollution and smoking and computer light. It’s not just about light and heat, it’s about protecting your skin against the environment,’ says online skin consultant The Skin Nerd.

“Start to look out for products that say ‘screen protection’ because we all live on our smartphones and that really is affecting the health of our skin.”

Who knew our trusty smartphones could be damaging our largest organs? We had no clue!

Luckily, you can start giving your skin a little extra TLC by picking up SPF products with ‘UVA’ written on the container with a circle around it, and applying a layer in the morning to act as your shield against the perils of our world. Sounds easy enough to us!


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