Donal MacIntyre’s wife Ameera opens up about the recent cheating scandal: “It was more than my wifely intuition.”

She recently took to Facebook to publicly shame him.

donal macintyre
Donal is a dad of three with Ameela

Amid claims of a cheating scandal, Ameera, wife of investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre, opens up about her heartbreak.

The breakdown of their marriage was documented on social media recently, as Ameera branded her husband a ‘lying, cheating, scumbag” on her personal profile.

She allegedly found of series of text messages in his phone, and went on to say, “How could you ruin this beautiful family?”


Ameera has now opened up to the Mail on Sunday, and revealed exactly how the event unfolded.

“I felt something was wrong and I needed to get to the bottom of it,” she said. “It was more than just my wifely intuition. I had known Donal for so long that I could feel a detachment. He was not engaging with us as a family. He also started to act very secretively.

“He would take his mobile with him everywhere – even to the toilet. It made me suspicious because we had always been very open. We’d be all together and he’d suddenly get some tummy bug and had to go. He even put a password on his phone,” she said.

donal macintyre
She’s opened up about their personal relationship

It wasn’t only a change in his actions she noticed, but also his attitude towards her.

“I noticed a change in his demeanour. Donal had become distant, defensive and very impatient with me. I knew he was having some issues at work so I wasn’t sure if he was stressed out or trying to hide something.

“He’d be making a phone call and I’d enter the room, only for him to hurriedly tell the other person that he had to go,” she said.

Donal and Ameera
Donal and Ameera

Ameera has also believes she has evidence of his infidelity, despite recent claims that there is no ‘validity to the claims that he is conducting an extramarital affair.’

She claims to have “found the most disgusting messages on his WhatsApp”, and “could hardly believe” they were written by him.

Ameera said, “It felt as if the ground was collapsing around me. He’s my whole world, that’s why it’s so devastating to think that he’s putting me through this.”

donal macintyre
Happier times, before allegations of cheating

She added, “I felt broken, but knew I had to hold it together for the kids.”

Ameera also admitted that she’d be willing to move past this if he simply opened up to her: “He always said that getting to the truth was important. It has been the foundation of our life together and it’s what I need for us to move on.”

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