Dermot Morgan’s son opens up about cancer diagnosis

Ben has opened up about the experience.

Dermot's son
Dermot’s son has been diagnosed recently

The son of the late Father Ted star, Dermot Morgan, has opened up about his recent diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma. 

Ben Morgan took to his new blog, Stage Four Chancer, to discuss the struggles he has faced since being diagnosed with the disease.

He said, “When I was first told I probably had cancer, I burst into tears. I couldn’t stop crying and worrying because I had one of the most feared diseases in the world.

“I firmly believe that most of this emotional distress was due to the stigma surrounding cancer as opposed to the scientific reality.”

However, the Trinity Law student clearly inherited his father’s sense of humour. Ben believes the best way to rid cancer of its stigma is through open discussion and comedy. 

I guess all I can really do is be as honest as I possibly can about my experience and crack lots and lots of jokes.

He's extremely positive
He’s extremely positive

“Walking on eggshells is not f**king helpful. It merely adds to the stigma and makes people feel worse. When you decide something is off-limits, it merely gives that word or topic an undue amount of power.” he said. 

Despite his dad suddenly passing at the age of 45, as well as his recent diagnosis, Ben reveals that it’s important to stay positive regardless of what life throws at you.

He said,”At the risk of sounding cliched, it has to be said you cannot possibly fathom the amount of strength you have until you are forced into a situation which necessitates its use. There are times when I felt I could knock out Conor McGregor.”

The young comedian started his chemotherapy treatment last Friday and is doing well despite an increase in fatigue.


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