Dawn O’ Porter and Amy Huberman team up for a good cause!

As if we couldn't love them anymore...


BFFs are super close and have support each others ventures
BFFs: Dawn and Amy are super close and regularly support each others ventures

Dawn O’ Porter has taken to Twitter to rally support for the people of the Calais crisis and has gained a helping hand from none other than her Irish gal pal Amy Huberman.

Amy has been re-tweeting Dawn’s online shout outs for donations to gather support for the much needed cause helpcalais.

The vintage fashionista and writer has been deeply moved by the desperate situation of the Calais crisis and has taken to social media to rally support for for the cause. 


Dawn has reached out to her online followers to gather supplies such as tents, blankets, furniture and even women’s sanitary supplies:

Her good friend, the equally multi-faceted Amy Huberman, has been behind her 100% by getting her followers to also show support.

Winter is coming and this will be particularly cruel on the stricken refugees in Calais that are in the appalling living conditions. Many refugees have inadequate shelter or none at all and Dawn is doing her best to gather helpful resources and ship them over.

Dawn agrees the Calais crisis is a humanitarian time bomb
Dawn agrees the Calais crisis is a humanitarian time bomb

There are currently over 1,500 migrants camped in Calais in a vain attempt to reach the UK by crossing the Channel.

The charity based organisation Calais Migrant Solidarity has set up an appeal for supplies. They have been doing volunteer work with some of the hundreds of migrants on a daily basis and are constantly looking for people to help out.

VIP readers can  pledge your support for the Calais crisis on their website: https://calaismigrantsolidarity.wordpress.com or Click here to donate.

We here at VIP towers we hope Dawn and Amy’s efforts hope to ease a fraction of the suffering. Fair play ladies!


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