“David Brent: Life on the Road” star Jo Hartley is a BIG fan of the Dublin accent

She'd love to do some work here.

Jo appeared alongside Ricky Gervais in the film.
Jo appeared alongside Ricky Gervais in the film.

Twelve years on from The Office, the recently released David Brent: Life on the Road film sees a camera crew catch up the hilarious David, played by Ricky Gervais, as he follows his dream of becoming a rockstar.

In classic David Brent style, there are funny twists and turns and his co-star Jo Hartley, who plays Pauline Gray in the flick, exclusively told VIP Magazine that she absolutely loved working on the film, and finds it very relatable and hilarious!

“For me it’s the realness of the performances, the characters, and the theories because Brent: Life on the Road is not an Office movie, it’s twelve year’s on, after David’s had a nervous breakdown. He’s gotten his own money together and he’s decided to follow his dreams.

“So I think what it is is that the normal everyday guy can relate to someone in an office, they can relate to having relationships and non-relationships, saying things that they shouldn’t, and I think that’s what people like about Brent.

“Plus he does say things sometimes that you just wouldn’t say out loud. But many people wish they could say it because we’re not allowed to these days! He says crazy things and he’s uncomfortable around women which is really funny,” she said.

Although Brent: Life on the Road is Jo’s most recent acting venture, she has shared the screen with a number of top actors such as Julie Walters and Abbie Murphy. She has also worked with our very own Chris O’Dowd and John Lynch.

Jo has worked with our very own Chris O'Dowd. PIC: VIP Ireland
Jo has worked with our very own Chris O’Dowd. PIC: VIP Ireland

“Yeah Chris O’Dowd, I did a workshop with him years ago before his career sort of took off. It was in Ireland. I worked with Chris and he’s lovely, he’s amazing he does lots of comedy stuff and he’s a great writer and stuff.

“I also worked with John Lynch, I did The Jury with Julie Walters and John Lynch back in 2011. So John Lynch is amazing,” she said.

The UK actress revealed also that she would love to do some acting work on our fair isle, and is a big fan of the Dublin accent!

“I absolutely love Ireland my brother in law is Irish and he’s from Kerry. I think i need to have a little trip over there. you guys have the best accent, it’s so lovely.

“I’d love to come over there and do some work, you have some amazing stuff happening,” she said.

We’d love to have you here Jo! David Brent: Life on the Road is in cinemas now.


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