Crazy in love? Ruth Langsford reveals Eamonn’s one habit which drives her mad

Pic: VIP Ireland
Pic: VIP Ireland

Ruth Langsford has opened up about Eamonn Holmes’ one annoying habit, which drives her up the wall.

The pair, who have been together over two decades, joked that their secret to a lengthy relationship is keeping away from each other when the TV is on.

Yes, the couple – who work together as well – have revealed that they can’t watch the telly together at all. In fact, they have separate rooms for it!

Speaking to Radio Times, Ruth said, “I don’t like watching TV with Eamonn because he talks. He wants to discuss everything and will keep pausing the programme.”

ruth langsford, eamonn holmes

Eamonn was quick to defend his viewing habits.

“What we watch and how we watch it are very incompatible. The thing is, if I don’t do that and we’re watching something like Killing Ever, at the end, Ruth will just say, ‘Well I didn’t understand that’.”


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