Colin Farrell shares some surprising new details about his love life

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Colin is happy being single
Colin is happy being single

Colin Farrell, the object of many women’s affection, has recently been revealed that he’s happy being single and in no rush to get married – apparently, his bachelor lifestyle suits him just fine.

While the 39-year-old likes the idea of getting married, he feels that it’s not meant for everyone.  He believes that some people should be single their whole lives, and that’s okay.

“I believe in relationships and marriage and people sharing their lives. But marriage isn’t for everybody. I believe some people need to be single their whole lives, whether through choice or lack of fortune. I don’t believe in any one way,” he told The Irish Mirror.

Take note ladies, when choosing a partner the Dubliner seeks out someone different to himself, he doesn’t want qualities that he sees in himself in the women he dates. He wants to be excited by a love interest – we hear you loud and clear, Colin!

“I wouldn’t look for any quality of mine in anyone else. I’m trying to get away from myself. There’s no part of me that interests me, excites me or gets me off enough to look for it in somebody else.”

colin farrell
Opposites attract for Colin

The Lobster star has been linked to some very high profile women in the past such as Angelina Jolie, Rosario Dawson and Demi Moore, when he was big on the Hollywood party scene, but nowadays he’s living a very different lifestyle.

These days he favors yoga sessions and and a clean life, and he’s even engaging in a “sex fast” because it promotes clarity!

“Going out and drinking is boring. Been there done that. It’s so very passe – it’s very 2005” he told Loaded magazine.

colin farrell
The actor favors a clean and healthy lifestyle these days


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