Check out this seriously tense moment with Maura Derrane on the Today Show

It’s so awkward…

Maura and Daithi probably weren't expecting this
Maura and Daithi probably weren’t expecting this

There’s always going to some tense moments when it comes to live chat shows, but yesterday’s interview between Maura Derrane and Mitch Winehouse on the Today Show was the most awkward we’ve seen in a while.

Mitch was on the show to discuss the Oscar win for the documentary about his late daughter, Amy Winehouse, but things became very strained between himself and Maura, as he lost his cool with the presenter.

The interview began with Maura and her co-host Daithi O’Se asking Mitch what it was about the documentary that he didn’t like. He replied: “It basically portrays the last three years of Amy’s life as being lonely and sad and she wasn’t working at all, and nothing could be further from the truth.

“Although the last three years of Amy’s life, parts of it were difficult, parts of it were wonderful as well. The last six weeks of Amy’s life she didn’t drink, she drank the last two days of her life.

They were simply doing their job
They were simply doing their job

“She was moving towards sobriety. The film doesn’t show that she was clear of drugs for three years.”

Mitch has been quite vocal about his dislike for the movie in the past, and put Daithi in his place when he made the point that Mitch had initially been happy for the documentary to go ahead. “We took our eye off the ball,” he shot back.

Maura then jumped in and asked, “Why did you decide to get involved in the documentary and give all this intimate footage if you were worried?

To which he replied, “I’ve just explained, we were told we were in safe hands with the Senna people, that’s why we did it.”

Maura asked, “But why did you do it at all?” And this is when Mitch really lost his cool with the Irish presenter.

Maura handled the situation like a pro
Maura handled the situation like a pro

“Are you going to let me speak? You keep talking across me. The film you say we gave to them, we didn’t give that to them. That’s on public record. All that stuff, all what you call ‘intimate film’, is on public record. It’s on the internet,” he said.

Mitch ended the interview by simply saying, “Watch the film.”


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