Channing Tatum’s Irish dancing secret revealed!

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were awarded medals from TCD's Philosophical Society
Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were awarded medals from TCD’s Philosophical Society

Hollywood star Channing Tatum has admitted that Ireland has played a huge part in the Magic Mike movie franchise.

Not only did Channing come up with the original concept for the movie while here in 2012, he also learned some dance moves for the latest installment of the franchise, Magic Mike XXL, after watching some Irish dancing.

The star said that when he watched some jigs and reels in a pub in Dublin, he instantly wanted to add the moves to his new, steamy flick.

“It’s a couple of cool moves that I saw these dancers do at a traditional Irish dancing show in some pub in Dublin, that I was like, ‘Man, these guys, they got something!’ They were so tight and on point, so I definitely snuck a few shapes and moves in. I stole a few. Now whether anyone notices, or worse, sees me completely messing up, only time will tell,” he said.


As a former exotic dancer himself, Channing knows how important it is to keep changing up a routine and incorporating different styles of dance to a performance.

“I like to change things up and include some moves from different sources to keep the performances fresh. I want to be creative,” he said.


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