Calam Lynch was hoping for a shirtless scene in Bridgerton

Calam Lynch

Calam Lynch made a big impression as Theo Sharpe during his Bridgerton debut. The hard working printers’ assistant and Eloise’s love interest, quickly became a fan favourite. But it turns out, Calam had his own ideas for the role, wanting a shirtless scene for his character.

Although it was made clear to the former Derry Girls star, that he would be keeping his top on, that didn’t stop him from hoping. With Calam actually prepared to take his shirt of anyway. As he told Page Six; “I work out anyway, so I was like, ‘Finally, there’s a reason. I can show the world!'”

While his character stayed covered up, it wasn’t for a lack of trying on his part. As he begged the producers for the chance; “I was pestering Tom (Verica) and Chris (Van Dusen) and everyone on set being like, ‘What do you think? Maybe Theo’s topless in this scene? Maybe he’s doing the printing but he’s topless.'”

It got to the point that Calam was dreaming up, “any excuse for Theo to be topless in the show.”

Calam Lynch

But while he didn’t succeed in convincing the creators to write him a shirtless scene this season, he might have another chance next series.

While the ending of season two left Calam and Theo’s future on the show uncertain, the actor revealed he’d love the chance to return for series three.

Speaking to US Weekly, he confessed, that he’d love to see Theo explore Eloise’s world in high society London for the next series of the period drama. Saying; “I think they should be together just thinking about the characters. Because Eloise has had to come into Theo’s world in season 2, I find it really exciting to think about what it would be like if he came into hers.”

“Eloise has so much love to give and she’s such a fiercely loyal person and a kind person. I’d love to see her guide him through the, like, total jungle of going into a ball or something. That would be really sweet to watch.”

As for why he thinks the on-screen couple are so good together, he revealed; “I think it really suits her to have someone who challenges her and that’s what Theo does.”

Calam Lynch

But he also believes the couple have their fair share of struggles ahead, saying; “Class is a big thing back then. So, it might just break their hearts. It may be too difficult. We’ll have to see.”

While nothing is certain about his return next season, Calam wouldn’t have a problem going back considering how well he got on with the rest of the cast, including his former Derry Girls co-star, Nicola Coughlan.

It turns out Nicola was a big help to Calam when he started on the show. The Dunkirk star revealed; “(Nicola) was really lovely about it. In the makeup trailer when we were doing fittings and stuff before we started shooting — like three months before — she texted me one day saying like, ‘I saw your face on the makeup trailer,’”

“After that she added me to the (Bridgerton cast) WhatsApp group and everything.”

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