Brooke Scullion has criticised the Eurovision’s promotion in Ireland

Brooke Scullion
Pic: Andres Poveda

This year’s Eurovision Entry Brooke Scullion is opening up about the realities of representing Ireland in the competition, following her elimination at the second semi final.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, the Derry Girl revealed how hard it is to succeed in the competition, when your song has less promotion than others.

Explaining; “Someone pulled up a report on me when I was away of how much radio play I got and it wasn’t a lot. I heard the UK entry on radio about 100 times more than I heard my entry on the radio.”

brooke scullion

Stressing how much appreciation she has for radio, Brooke highlighted how she wasn’t bashing them but believes they need to do more.

Confessing; “I’m not trying to diss the radio. It is amazing when I do hear it on the radio but for the campaign, if Ireland wants to take this seriously, there has to be an effort on the radio side because familiarity is key.”

“I mean, why would you back something you’re not familiar with?”

As for what it was like to find out she didn’t make to the final, the singer revealed just how heartbroken she was. Saying; “Everyone is beside each other so it is just like a kind of intense and weird experience, no one really knows what to do.”

Picture Andres Poveda

But despite not placing, the Voice UK star, still enjoyed the experience. Explaining; “It has been unbelievable. I’m not joking – I have never been happier”

“I had a 15-minute breakdown after it, but it was a 15-minute thing and then after that, there were people who didn’t go through, they kept themselves to themselves, they were very disappointed and got really sad about the whole thing.” she added.


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