Bronagh Waugh starring alongside Dylan Townsend in exciting new project

This sounds great

This is very exciting
This is very exciting

Bronagh Waugh, who previously stared in The Fall and Hollyoaks, is working alongside Dylan Townsend in an exciting new project.

The two Irish stars have created a new short called Heart over Heard, which follows the lives of two people living in Canada. They navigate through their lives, meeting different people on a daily basis, and one character is left with the ultimate choice of deciding between their head or their heart.

The short, which was shot in one day, also focuses on the perceptions and pre-judgements people have whilst alone in a city. Both Dylan and Bronagh thought this was an important topic to address.

Speaking exclusively to VIP Magazine, the Northern Irish actress said, “One of our make-up artist friends who is from Dublin, was talking about walking home in Vancouver and saying how she dodges everybody. She’s in a different city and she’s hyper aware.

Bronagh and Dylan
Bronagh and Dylan

“Dylan said, ‘Well I’ve been aware when I pass someone to give them a bit of space because it’s like they’re kind of questioning me.’ It’s really interesting that they’re aware that we’re aware that they could be slightly threatening. We just wanted to explore the concept of pre-judgement and dangers.”

Bronagh went on to say, “We really wanted to get a universal story. I think Edel is an Irish girl living in Vancouver, but it could be any city and it could be any girl. You feel guilty sometimes, you’re like, oh for God’s sake, that’s somebodies brother! You just don’t know.

“Certainly for me, my mind is chaotic and there’s always stuff running through my head. I think that that’s something many women can identify with and any men. I thought it was interesting when Dylan’s character came in at the end, and it’s not what you’d expect him to be thinking about.”

The cast recently wrapped filming
The cast recently wrapped filming

One thing which makes the short noticeably different than anything else at the moment, is that there’s no dialogue with the characters – it completely focuses around their thoughts. The scenes were shot, and voiceovers were created afterwards.

“It’s all going to be in my head,” she said. “It’s the same for Dylan. I don’t think anyone has ever done that before.”

The short is hoped to be shown at a number of Irish, and international film festivals next year.

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