Brian Dowling shares emotional post on the fourth anniversary of his mother’s passing; “My mum was my very first best friend”

Pic: Brian McEvoy

Brian Dowling has shared an emotional post as he marks the fourth anniversary of his mother’s passing. His mam, Rosie sadly passed away from sudden adult death syndrome at the age of just 61.

Since her death Brian has often been incredibly candid about his grief and speaks out to help others come to terms with loss. The Big Brother star even started his own podcast, Death Becomes Him on the topic, speaking to other well known faces about life and loss.

Today he posted a snippet of what he first shared when his mother passed away, reflecting on what has changed since then and how painful her death still is. He said; “Today February 21st, 2022 marks our mum’s 4th Anniversary. She passed away peacefully in her sleep in her own bed from SADS at the age of 61 years old in February of 2018.”

“The above message is from a post I shared on Instagram soon after her shocking passing. They say time is a great healer but I still feel every emotion from the above message in fact nothing much has changed.”

Continuing, Brian shared that all that has changed is that he has learned to live without her, but that the pain is still there, he has simply tricked his “mind & heart into believing this is normal. ”

“Of course, none of this is normal but I’ve done this to survive. I want to be here I want to live my life to the best of my ability. So I trick myself daily into feeling I’m ok & most days I am but some days I just miss my mum.”

He also revealed that he often still expects to get a text or call from his mum before bed or when traveling and how he misses the simple things like even making her a cup of tea. Brian added; “I miss her laugh & our daily gossip sessions. Mum loved to laugh & had such a fun personality. She would love all my updates on my work & what Arthur & I would be up to & planning. A part of me & my 6 sisters was buried with mum that day.””

Grief fundamentally changes you as a person in good ways & bad & believe you me I’ve experienced both & will for the rest of my life.”

Finally he shared that his Mum would have loved to meet her grandson and Brian’s nephew, Harvey, and now that Brian and Arthur are on their our journey to parenthood, we’re sure this is made more difficult without his mum beside him.

“You NEVER EVER stop missing your mum no matter what age you are. My mum was my very first best friend. If I close my eyes now I can actually hear you talking & laughing. So much has changed since you have been gone mum & you have missed so much, especially the arrival of our BEAUTIFUL BABY HARVEY. My god, you would be OBSESSED with him & he would definitely knock me from the favourite spot.”

“We miss you with all our hearts & will for the rest of our lives & that’s something we are happy to live with. Weirdly the ongoing pangs of grief keep us closer. On a bad day, all anyone wants is a hug from their mum. Happy 4th Heavenly Birthday Mum.”

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