Brian and Vogue shocker: Are they flirting again!?

A mysterious tweet suggests that the relationship between them may not be as cool as Brian suggested

Brian and vogue
Are Brian and Vogue becoming close again?


Less than a month ago, Brian McFadden revealed that he and Vogue were no longer the close friends they had been for so long, and that he had finally decided to move on after their marriage break-up.

“I’m not in contact with Vogue,” he revealed. ” Not anymore. I think before there may have been some unfinished business but we have both now moved on.” Brian revealed that he believes no contact after a break-up is the best remedy for a broken heart. “Instead of kind of mourning somebody I train myself to act like they don’t exist. Except for Kerry because I have got children and that is different. What’s the point of sitting there and crying? You need to move on.”

Brina and Vogue tweet

Just a few weeks have passed, however, and a mysterious twitter exchange between the two suggests that contact has been resumed! Following Vogue’s comments about the trolling she has received online, we ran a story about her classy reaction to the abuse she’s received. And it looks like Brian was following our conversation, as he tweeted “and you bloody gorgeous” to his ex-wife while seemingly on holidays in Spain!

Brian and vogue 2
‘Brogue’ during happier times


The tweet, which was sent two days ago, certainly suggests that the pair are back talking to each other, and also suggests that Brian has at the very least put aside his “no contact” rule to show his support for his stunning ex.

Everyone here in VIP Towers awaits further developments!

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